First Break Cafe has been part of the Sterling, Virginia community since 1991. With ample parking at our convenient location just off Route 7 (behind the new Burlington and above Ben Franklin), First Break Cafe offers great food, fun and friendship in an accommodating atmosphere designed to ensure that our guests are always comfortable.


Pool evolved from a lawn game similar to croquet.

The cue stick was developed in the late 1600s

The rails used to be flat vertical walls in order to keep the balls from falling off the table. They resembled river banks and even used to be called "banks." Thus, the "bank shot."

Visitors from England showed Americans how to use spin which explains why it is called "English" in the US but nowhere else.

Michael Phelan, the father of American billiards, added diamonds to the table in the 1850's to assist in aiming.

Eight-Ball was invented shortly after 1900; Straight Pool followed in 1910. Nine-Ball seems to have developed around 1920. One-Pocket has ancestors that are older than any of these.

The word "pool" means a collective bet, or ante. In the 19th century a poolroom was a betting parlor for horse racing. Pool tables were installed so patrons could pass the time between races. The two became connected in the public mind, but the unsavory connotation of "pool-room" came from the betting that took place there, not from billiards.

At First Break Cafe, you'll find 12 Bunswick Gold Crown tournament pool tables, maintained on a regular basis to ensure optimum pool play, and surrounded by 30 oversized cushioned pool chairs. Since coming under new ownerhsip in 1997, First Break has enhanced its decor and unveiled an expanded new menu offering a variety of appetizers, subs and sandwiches.

Our menu features beer-battered Brew City french fries and onion rings, an extremely tasty chicken quesadilla, 1/3 lb. hamburgers and our famous First Break Club. A dinner special is featured daily. And of course our full bar offers a wide variety of domestic and imported beer, wine and liquor.

Owner Sam LeBlanc IV and the employees of First Break Cafe pride themselves on customer satisfaction. It is policy to know our customers and their personal preferences.

We are open Monday through Saturday 11:00 am-2:30 am and Sundays 10:00 am-2:30 am.